Winter Albums

I sometimes find myself craving music that puts me in a winter state of mind without any Christmas over- and undertones. After all, it does get tiring to listen to the same Christmas songs during November, January, February and parts of March. Therefore I have compiled a list of albums that have a winter atmosphere.

Martin Birch (1948-2020)

His production on the Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Rainbow albums are some of my favourites. No matter how many instruments are playing simultaneously, everything is perfectly audible and balanced. “The Clairvoyant” from Seventh Son of a Seventh Son is a fast paced song with drums, bass, two guitars, vocals and keyboards, yet everything is perfectly balanced in the mix.

Hällas – Excerpts from a Future Past (2017)

My first impression of Hällas was “Uriah Heep meets Iron Maiden” or “This is what Iron Maiden would sound like if they were a 70’s Hard Rock/Prog-Rock band with a John Wetton- like vocalist”. There are also touches of Rush, Pink Floyd and Peter Gabriel-era Genesis in their sound