Teaser: Eneferens – The Bleakness of Our Constant (2018)

My introduction to Eneferens came when I was browsing through the records in the eminent establishment that is Sound Pollution: a record store located in Stockholm’s Old Town. The staff was playing The Bleakness of Our Constant through their stereo system, and there was something about the sound of this record that grabbed me

Black Sabbath – Heaven and Hell (1980)

“Children of the Sea” could possibly be my favourite song on the album, it’s definitely a top 3 album song for me. It’s also one of the best Dio-era Sabbath songs in my opinion. I would actually go as far to say that it’s one of Sabbath’s best songs ever! It starts off with a beautiful acoustic guitar picking pattern. Iommi’s clean electric guitar then enters, followed by Geezer who plays his bass in third harmonies

Stevie Wonder – Innervisions (1973)

Listening to this song in 2020, you’d be forgiven for thinking Stevie Wonder could somehow see 43- 47 years into the future of American politics. These lyrics seem just as relevant today, if not even more so, than they did in 1973 when Nixon was president

Joni Mitchell – Ladies of the Canyon (1970)

One thing that really draws me to her music is her use of unusual guitar tunings. From these tunings, she can play chord shapes that in standard tuning would be difficult or impossible to play. These tunings and chord shapes often result in chords that are unmistakably “Joni Mitchell chords”. These “Joni chords” appear throughout Ladies of the Canyon as well as Song to a Seagull (1968) and Clouds (1969)

Genesis – A Trick of the Tail (1976)

How did Genesis fare after the departure of theatrical front man Peter Gabriel? In this review of the first Phil Collins- fronted Genesis album I will talk about each song. I will go through songwriting, musicianship, arrangement, production and even the album cover!

Iron Maiden – Somewhere in Time (1986)

This album was somewhat controversial among Iron Maiden fans at the time for introducing guitar controlled synthesizers (guitar synths) into their sound. I had listened to all the Iron Maiden albums leading up to Somewhere in Time before listening to it, and I don’t think it’s a departure from the sound they established on Number of the Beast in 1982