Underrated Beatles Songs

With the relatively recent release of Peter Jackson’s Get Back documentary, The Beatles have found themselves in the spotlight yet again. Therefore I thought this would a good time to shine some light on some lesser known Beatles tracks that deserve more attention, in other words: underrated Beatles songs.

Sam Rowan – Kickstarted (2020)

Kickstarted’s vocal melody is quite simple yet fits very well to the music. After the first verse, a guitar enters and plays some melodic phrases. These phrases do what they’re supposed to do and do it well: serving the song. My first thought when I heard the guitar sound was that it reminded me of Robert Fripp’s and Adrian Belew’s

Christopher Cross – Christopher Cross (1979)

“Sailing” is the second big song on the album. This also feels like the heart of the album and is definitely one of the highlights of the album and of Cross’ entire career. “Sailing” could also be seen as the anthem for the whole genre of Yacht Rock as it embodies everything that Yacht Rock is: smooth, melodic, calming, gentle, maritime-based lyrics etc.…

Slowdive – Souvlaki (1993)

“Alison” is Pop-perfection with Shoegaze trappings. It’s absolutely perfect. “Alison” was the first Slowdive song I heard and I instantly fell in love with the hazy and fuzzy soundscape of this song. Hazy and fuzzy are two words I would use to describe the sound of Shoegaze. Other words I would use are; “underwater”, “floating” and a sensation of “numbness”

The Beatles – Paperback Writer/Rain (1966)

The main riff of “Paperback Writer” is one of the best Beatles riffs ever in my opinion, and it feels like a successor to Lennon’s 1965 composition “Day Tripper”. Starr’s drumming during the main riff features interplay between the kick- and snare drum. The drumming works perfectly together with the guitar riff. MCartney’s bass enters with a high-pitched bass fill.